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send me an album and i will list the tracklist in order from fave to least fave


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Remember when Abed was in Captain America? God I hope they bring that up. 

Remember when Winter Soldier had the big reveal and everybody was like OH SHIT YOU FUCKED THE GAME UP.

I wouldn’t mind a female-led late night talk show, as long as she’s funny (Tina Fey), smart (Tina Fey), and knows how to work a crowd (Tina Fey) 

If the death of Gwen Stacy was bad, just imagine when they film the death of Captain America. 
Oh don’t look at me like that, go read a book.

The Winter Soldier is a badass. 

Marvel Studios hasn’t made a bad movie. When I say bad, I’m talking, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” bad. They’re on a pretty good streak. Even their “Bad” movies are watchable.

Who knew the main directors behind Community were so good at directing action scenes? 

It’s those paintball episodes, I tell you.

One pet peeve that always gets me around comic con season is that all my friends hit me with scoop hat i already know. I’m a geek, man. I’m in top of everything that’s happening with Batman Vs. Superman like damn.

nicpunkfuckingrock said: It’s about time people started noticing him.
If any actor deserves his new wave of success, it’s Papa Doc. 

never forget that this was the summer that everybody fell in love with Anthony Mackie. And how could you not?


spartanlady16 asked:

Omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Do you have links?


I’m more of a torrent person myself, but I’ll see what I cando.


spartanlady16 asked:

It's out?????


the dvdrip came out online.