the only new blacks I’m fucking with is a new found appreciation for the diversity of blackness

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Hannah Simone can get it.

Hans Zimmer outdid himself on the spidey score, especially with the Electro theme. 

Oh, sweet, Prince is coming back with new music. 

This Amazing Spider-Man 2 score is pretty damn good. 

Good morning world.

Happy Friday. Stayed up til 3:30 last night playing Infamous: Second Son with my brother. And there’s no coffee in this house. 

"I’m not the best singer, but the notes were inside of me, so, fuck it, I went ahead and did it."
-Kanye on 808’s & Heartbreak

Me: Watch out for these women.
My brother: I know. These hoes ain’t loyal.


Alright guys, extremely bored. Send some colours to my ask box please? I answer anything and everything honestly. You can even ask your own questions if you wish, (:

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the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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Watching The Wolf of Wall Street.

Reblog This if it’s Definitely Okay for Girls to Send You Nudes ;)

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If you’re religious:

  • Don’t try to convert Atheists. They’re not hurting you. Their lack of belief in a higher power doesn’t affect your life. 

If you’re Atheist

  • Don’t belittle a religious persons beliefs. They’re not hurting you. What they believe in doesn’t affect your life. 

If your opposite category is hurting you: 

  • Boot that mother fucker out of your life. 

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